Chandigarh International Airport will boost business prospects

f37716b6-c521-4e1c-b2e3-e06b5c11e3d4With the International airport all set for inauguration here tomorrow , commercial activities have started in the rural areas in its vicinity. Already hotel is being constructed just adjacent to the boundary wall of the airport at the jheurheri village. A youth from the village has started a Dhaba along the airport road .'' In the coming days ,the area is going to witness a different world '.I exploited my all resources and started an eatery .Though I started it on a small scale I hope the business would flourish in the near future ,''youth said Residents of villages near the airport ,including Jheurheri, Kandala and Safipur ,claimed that foreseeing ample BUSINESS POTENTIAL IN THE AREA ,several businessmen had started visiting the villages to buy land . ''some transactions have already taken place here ,''said the residents .

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