For Smart City plan Chandigarh to hire consulting agency

Chandigarh Administration has decided to engage the services of a top consulting agency to revise and make its Smart City proposal more valuable and attractive to the Central government. Though, the ministry of urban development (MoUD) is yet to reveal the areas or segments where Chandigarh needs to improve or add more quality to revise its proposal, the consultancy agency will give fresh look to the proposal and bridge the gaps by adding some features to make it more attractive. The decision has come following a meeting between the officials of Chandigarh administration and the ministry of urban develop -ent where the ministry has given consent to hire the agency to revise/improve Chandigarh's proposal. The ministry has already set a deadline of April 15, 2016, to submit the revised plan to the cities that have failed to secure their place in the first list of smart cities selected to get financial grant from the ministry in the current financial year to make their further plans in this regard. UT home secretary Anurag Agarwal, who held a meeting with the MoUD officials on Friday, told TOI, "We have decided to hire an experienced consultancy agency to revise our Smart City proposal and we have discussed the matter with the MoUD in this regard. The agency will be hired soon after proper assessment and fulfilling other required procedure. Though our proposal is a good one and even better in many areas then other states, we do not want to leave any thing out. We want to prepare the project in a manner so that even after selection, we do not have to do much and things can be moved ahead without any additional exercise." "We don't have any problem in terms of finance for hiring a consultancy agency and preparing a revised plan. We have already received the amount for the purpose," Agarwal added. As the Centre has already given 2 crore fund to the Chandigarh administration to prepare the Smart City project, the UT administration doesn't have the problem of finance in this regard.

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