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Government puts real estate bill on priority list to pass it in Budget session

Posted by BrickAcres on February 28, 2016
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Modi government has flagged the much-delayed Real Estate Bill as a
“priority” bill to be passed in the ongoing Budget session of

While the BJP government is still trying to garner support for the
Goods and Service Tax ( GST) Bill, it is hoping to pass the Real
Estate (Development and Regulation) Bill in the current session.

According to sources,the government has indicated it as a
“priority” Bill and once it sees Parliament functioning normally
it would push it in Rajya Sabha.

A senior government official told ET, “This is a high priority
bill. We had decided against passing it in the winter session as
there was hardly any business conducted. The Rajya Sabha functioned
normally in the last 3 days and the government decided to push only
non-controversial urgent matters then. If this time there is any
indication of Houses running smoothly, it would be done in the
first half.”

The government is reaching out to non-Congress parties to push
through the legislation, which has passed the scrutiny of a
parliamentary committee. The Bill had been referred to a select
committee, which had given its report in July last year. However,
Congress, Left and AIADMK had expressed their reservations on the
report through dissent notes.

Seeing stiff opposition right till the select committee, the
government had formed an informal group of ministers (GoM) to
formulate a politically-acceptable Bill. The ministry of housing
and urban poverty alleviation, the ministry spearheading the Bill,
accepted all the changes suggested by the select committee and the
Cabinet gave its approval with further amendments on December 9.
With these changes, the BJP government has even accepted suggestions
made by Congress.

At present, the government faces the challenge of getting it first
passed in Rajya Sabha and then take it to Lok Sabha. This would need
a lot of political manoeuvering as the MPs would demand a debate on
the Bill in both houses.

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