Mohali Civic body Plans to make Airport Road ‘CROSSING FREE’

To make 200-foot-wide Airport road crossing -free,the Mohali municipal corporation is planning to construct flyovers on the road . The newly-elected mayor,kulwant singh,said a proposal would soon be drafted in this connection for conducting a survey by a private company or some government agency. Kulwant singh said the airport road ,which would become one of the busiest roads in the area after the start of international Airport,here,needed to be crossing- Free. ''At Present more than 10 crossings/light points fall on the road in the town , which not only cause hindrance to the traffic flow but also lead to accidents at certain points.Being an important road ,there should not be so many crossings /Light points on it,''said kulwant singh . The mayor said he would soon table the proposal of constructing flyovers on the road to make it 'crossing-free'in the MC house meeting soon. When asked how many flyovers the MC has been planning to construct on the road ,the mayor said the number of flyovers would be determined only during the survey. It is to be noted that the road in question has at least two ' black spots',which witness minor and fatal accidents ever now and then . The Airport road,Which passes through the town,leads to Mohali international Airport and also connects to Zirakpur -Patiala Highway.

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