On march 13 City Beautiful Chandigarh To be Car-Free

On March 13 from 7 am to 2 pm ,The UT Administration has decided to observe a car-free day.The decision has taken at a meeting of senior officers held today under the chairmanship of UT Adviser Vijay Kumar Dev. However, vehicles used for important services have been exempted. These include buses, LPG autos and vehicles of those who have a security threat.To seek a feedback and suggestions for better planning,A road map and plan for the car-free day will be issued in newspapers, on the radio, other media and shared online on mygov.in Dev said the aim of observing the car-free day was to motivate people to opt for public transport and cycles and avoid taking cars for inter-sector work and get adapted to walking and running. This would not only reduce traffic congestion and check the problem of parking space, it would also inspire more and more people to opt for alternative and healthier transport modes, said Dev. Manish Chaudhary, SSP (Traffic), said it would be mandatory for all to observe the car-free day. An order in this regard would be issued by the District Commissioner under Section 144. Outstation vehicles will be provided a pass at entry points to pass through Chandigarh. He said adequate public transport arrangements would be made by the Administration. Marathons, painting competitio -ns and cultural events will be organised on the occasion to make people aware of the importance of observing a car-free day.

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