To streamline building plan approval process DC sets new rules

Chandigarh Estate Officer–cum-Deputy Commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi has issued new guidelines, To streamline the process of approval for building plans and issuance of occupation and completion certificates According to the recently issued guidelines, a four-week deadline has been fixed for the approval of plans for plots below two kanal in size and five weeks for those above two kanals.The new rules ensure the applicants get the plans approved without delay and that objections, if any, can be removed in one go. Once the plan is submitted for buildings below two kanal,the deputed scrutiny members, who are stationed in the Estate Office, will examine and submit the scrutinised plans to the SDO (Buildings) HQ, within a period of one week from the date of receipt.These plans will then be listed by the SDO (Building) HQ, in the earliest meeting of the Plan Approval Committee (PAC), which will be held every Wednesday in the Estate Office.The nominated members of the PAC will remain present in the Estate Office for the disposal of these plans every Wednesday and the meeting chaired by the Estate Officer-cum-Deputy Commissioner will be held at 4 pm on the same day in which the respective private architects will remain present. The plan will be signed by all the members at the meeting itself and its release thereafter will be the responsibility of the SDO (Building) HQ.In the absence of the architect or his representatives, another opportunity will be granted to the owner. However, after two failed appearances by the architect, the plan will be rejected. In case of plans and occupation certificate for buildings above two kanal, the time period for the disposal has been fixed to five weeks from the receipt of the plans in the Estate Office. During the first week, the SDO (Building) will ensure that the plans are sent to the members of the PAC in a hard and soft format. In future, for this purpose, four sets of buildings plans and two sets of completion plans along with soft copies will have to be given by the owners/architects seeking permission. Each member will then scrutinise and return the plans to the Estate Officer with their recommendations for approval/observation within a period of two weeks. The meeting will be held on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at 4 pm in the Estate Office. For plans where the members raise objections or make an observation, the same may be explained to the private architects at the PAC meeting and the SDO (Building) will convey these to the respective architects in writing. However, the process and the scrutiny will be considered afresh as and when the plans concerned are submitted by the owners or the architects after attending to the observations.

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