UT Looks Vertical to turn SMART

The UT administration has proposed high-rise commercial buildings along the 7.2 km stretch of Vikas Marg that comprises sectors 39 to 47 in its smart city project submitted to the central government,breaking free of Le Corbusier's legacy and heeding to one of the key demands of traders and industrialists. A higher floor area ratio (FAR)--the ratio of a building's total floor area to the area of the piece of land on which it was built --of 3 from the fixed 1.25 and mixed land use would be allowed in this southern part of the city under the Transit Oriental Development Project. The structures could soar to around 30 metre on the lines of those in Industrial Area from the Industrial Area from the already fixed 24 metre. The UT felt availability of huge chunk of commercial land of 357 acre has provided this area a potential to be developed on a large-scale." This will ensure employment and investment opportunities along with better living standard, "stated the proposal in one of the key segments. A senior official said the relaxations would be applied on new buildings. "Since the concept of green buildings has been introduced and strongly recommended, the new FAR will be for such buildings ,''he said , agreeing the city would move ahead from the Le Corbusier era. He , however ,added northern part of the city would not be touched. In the SMART city proposal, the administration has also made its SWOT analysis intelligent safety and Mobility solutions was another crucial segment. A sum of Rs 1,496 crores has been kept for capital expenditure of the project , while Rs 2,785 crore for the 10-year period. THE LONG & SHORT OF 'FAR' Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is the ratio of a building's total floor area to the area of the piece of land on which it is built. Raising the FAR to 3 from 1.25 means buildings could attain a greater height . On the stretch of Vikas Marg, they could go up to 30 metre than the 24 metre fixed in rest of the city. An official explains that special concern will be laid for parking of vehicles at these high-rise buildings.

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