UT plans to construct Flyovers at Transport Chowk,Hallo Majra light point

After Tribune Chowk, the UT Administration has started to work on a plan to ease traffic at Transport Chowk and Hallo Majra Chowk which are the two busiest intersections in the city. Sources said the UT Administration was considering construction of flyovers at both the places to tackle the heavy vehicular traffic . The Administration has received report from the Central Road Research Institute (CSIR), which has studied the traffic volume at both the intersections and suggested solutions. The report finds that the traffic volume has reached its maximum and there is an urgent need for the construction of a flyover at the Transport Chowk, Sector 26, and underpass at the Hallo Majra Chowk. But the officials are of the view that instead of an underpass, a flyover will be more useful at Hallo Majra Chowk and asked the consultant to prepare a plan for a flyover. The CSIR report finds that the total traffic volume handled at the four-armed intersection of Hallo Majra during the 24 hour survey was observed to be 1,39,256 vehicles.The peak-hour traffic is between 6 and 7pm, catering to 11,463 vehicles per hour. The report mentions that the cars (44 per cent) dominate the traffic composition followed by two-wheelers (27 per cent), autos (8 per cent) and good vehicles (7per cent). The report infers that light fast-motor vehicles and heavy motor vehicles account for about 79 per cent and 10 per cent, respectively, while the slow-moving vehicles, including cycles and others together account for 11 per cent.

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