Filter Selfie Camera is Inspirational too, but behind the Camera intention matters a lot

8/6/2020 4:31:00 PM

Beyond self-centered, hypocrisy is blooming around creation. Residing in “Matlabpur” since many years, we have been dragged far away willingly from where we belong to. We firmly recommend hill stations but residing in a plain crowded city is our choice. Social and electronic media scream plastic ban, pollution control, sapling, water conservation, selfies along with aloevera & flaunts food wastage. Suddenly, while stepping down in real world, absence of plastic, thrown us far away from our comfort zone. we have not been offended by multiple number plates over pollution. Junk food craving forget aloevera benefits, wedding and birthday parties are ruling over food wastage, so much confusion. Breathing exercises and Higher Air quality Index are behaving like rivals. Simultaneously high demand of masks and yoga mats market is on a high swing. Even masks are available with color contrast, promptly finding something creative even in “worst” is in the DNA of human being. India was the 5 most polluted country in 2019, with Ghaziabad in the National Capital Region ranked as the most polluted city in the world, according to a global compilation of PM 2.5 particulate pollution data by IQ Air, a company that primarily works on air filtration. Since the last decades, numerous environmental issues have been prowling around the globe. Tv flickering screen often making headlines about carbon dioxide emission and glaciers melting among prevailing domestic and political stories. And somewhere, these technical terms fail to give them good TRP. Meanwhile, many campaigns trend on social media platforms with hash tag. It is the question of the hour, so many initiatives are being carried out through electronic & social media, but nature devastating health tells us a different story, time to remove malware named “hypocrisy”. Fictitious Superheroes practice to hide themselves along with good deed and subsequently, they are inspirational too with their character. It is indeed inspirational to contribute after the environment with a filter selfie camera, but behind the camera, intentions matters a lot. However, it could be result oriented. There is a blame game since creation. Most of an environmental disaster is the consequence of human self-centered activities, but whenever nature fiercely reacts and we set to be surprised. In most of the cases desire dominates need, when we need only source of transport but our desire of many. It doesn’t mean irrespective of sound financial potential, we should stick to public transport. Moreover fictitious Aladdin magical floral carpet will also not be worked. There is a need to make equilibrium between desire and need in wake of the environment. Time alarms to take environmental issues on surveillance, not for just name sake. Parlors conclude lifestyle, but oxygen Parlor sounds worst, seems artificial and mechanical live with a plastic body, to be called nightmare, would not wrong. Some things should be manufactured under nature monopoly. Heavy downpour, lowest rainfall or never rained are on one side and its effects on another. Since many relief aid and packages are given to affected areas but why nature is being biased towards its own creation. As nature sources always tend to being unbiased. Urbanization, industrialization and globalization revolution creates smart cities, generating jobs, infrastructure, improves export. Country enjoys its upward graph. Caricature should never be on evolution. Contrary, to focus on some environment friendly practices. Include residential green building, concludes designing and constructing homes that use energy, water and materials efficiently. It claims to reduced impact on physical environment and promotes a healthy indoor environment. To be called mumbaikars, delhians and chandigarhians promote feel good factor. Who resides here, and no doubt, these cities demonstrate enough splendid monuments, social amenities. Many people became opulent by its location potential. Chandigarh is seen as a job hub, IT city, medi city and Bio Tecchnology park. These are emerging as opportunities for country talent. By developing surrounding states we can control the migration ratio. Himachalians and Uttaranchalkars many states will be emerging as existing with enough location potential. That will grab the attention of many as do Mumbai, Delhi & Chandigarh among others. Where, we were banging our head over climate issues. Corona was set to spread. Now, the entire globe seems warrior. However, some have left things on supreme power by not carrying corona protection gadgets. Irrespective of the corona disaster, astonishingly, both believers look at each other through an intellectual lens. Meanwhile, social distancing leads goosebumps among window seat lovers in public transport, and hope of live is being seen as a life support machine in between “Tug of vaccine”. Corporate is opened with guidelines, Shopping has been served under sanitization downpour. Seems, perfect place if we feel unhygienic during a pandemic. Other essential activities were being carried on since lockdown. News are spread, cinema’s, gym and other activities are about to open consisting some guidelines with coming to unlock. Seeing the pandemic catastrophe with crystal clear lenses, some have themselves ready with a to- do list. Unlock should be seen as new normal, should not be seen as without corona till at least vaccine arrival.