New Era in India with bringing of fresh Rs 500 & 2000 currency notes

11/19/2019 6:47:00 PM

"The Govt. Of India yesterday 8th Nov2016 has ignite the flame to flatter the future of all Indians.With this new move the govt has clearly give the message to common man that India is now moving towards cashless transactions whether it is a matter to buy a small matchbox or to buy a LPG cylinder for home or just pay your LPG monthly bill digitally.It added more value to few private e-commerce platforms those have already started building confidence inside the consumer mind to see another alternative of bank ATM card.With this bold move of Govt the rumors are every where that what will happen to Indian Economy, Will specific product  like Stock Exchange, Gold, Real Estate etc will perform well in the absence of black money. In a laymen sense we can expect the things will move ahead in the same way as rumors are, but there can or we say exist another side of coin too. If we see the last three to four years of Indian real estate primary market on ground the chunk of black money was negligible. Due to the buying of investors held in the previous bull run for year  2009-2012 the market price for their assets are not even some time able to sell off on purchased price.Due to existence of end user demand in majority the sellers are managing to accept their short/long term gains through banking.The secondary market in undergoing or recently developed townships hope fully shall not face any major heat of Govt. this move as the margin of long/short term gains are very less. Further the investors those are holding properties in anticipation of better price in the near future will remain peace because of long vision where as current seller may adjust comfortably towards the acceptance of new move to keep the end user demand fulfilled in the near future. Most of Builders all around the country have been fighting since that with Low residential housing sale, Huge inventory , Slow construction phase, liquidity crunch,increasing Debt etc. As expected the selling pressure on the builders those are keeping huge inventory with the support of black money will face heat, but parallel to this Builder working from last few decades in providing good habitation to this country will have opportunity to regain the confidence of customer to large extent. One more addition to this will be the increased liquidity of Banks with this currency demonetization.With these Lakhs of crore deposits the financial strength of banks for lending will be increased and  may soon reflect in the form of reduce lending rate for Home loan etc. As per Economic parameters we know, the reduced home loan rate will ignite end user demand for Homes to fulfill  one major goal of their life.Reduced home loan rates enhance the capability of buyers to stretch  their loan with nominal change in their paying capacity. More over the real estate market is going to be very transparent for players those are practicing cheque & paper transaction in order to keep books of account healthy for buyer and seller. The upcoming enforcement of real estate act by Union govt and RERA presence in all part of country by April 2017 will be the backbone for real estate market to keep stand in front of consumer sentiments for sector. Once again the changing law and polices in country like India. in a surprise and positive manner  keep the finger cross for hoping such more good decision in near future. "